Yankees haven’t cut salaries or furloughed staff — yet


Though the Yankees have a lot in common with the other 29 major league teams — hemorrhaging money because of the coronavirus pandemic that shut big-league baseball down on March 12 — they haven’t slashed salaries or furloughed staff members as some clubs have.

Yankees staffers were informed Monday that their salaries wouldn’t be slashed and their benefits remain in play. How long that goes on hasn’t been determined, but it’s possible that the plan goes until at least the end of the month.

In April, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred informed teams he was suspending the Uniform Employees Contracts, which allowed for clubs to reduce salaries or furlough full-time staff members.

While Manfred suggested the moves, teams weren’t required to cut salaries or furlough employees.

The Yankees paid staffers through June 1, pushed that to June 15 and extended that on Monday and will monitor the situation daily.

How long can clubs continue to avoid slashing salaries or furloughing staffers isn’t known. Alternate ways to save money are shaving excess in other areas, but that can only go so far.

Of course, the biggest factor is the inability of MLB and the players union being unable to agree on terms to start a season. Manfred saying Monday he wasn’t confident of a season being played this year was very different from him stating last week that he was 100 percent sure there would be games played.

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