With No Evidence, Trump Claims Beirut Blast Was A Bomb


Trump offered no evidence during what was supposed to be a coronavirus briefing, but he claimed that the blast that ripped through Beirut was a bomb.

Trump said, “America’s deepest sympathies to the people of Lebanon where reports indicate that many, many people were killed of hundreds more were very badly wounded in a large explosion in Beirut. Our prayers go out to all the victims and their families, the United States stands toward assist Lebanon. We have a very good relationship with the people of Lebanon and we will be there to help. It looks like a terrible attack.”


Trump later claimed that his “great generals” told him it was a bomb, “It would seem like it based on the explosion. I met with some of our great generals and they just seem to feel that it was. This was not some kind of a manufacturing explosion type of event. This was, seems to be, according to them, they would know better than I would, they seem to think it was an attack. A bomb of some kind.”


Lebanon said the blast was caused by unsecured ammonium nitrate stored next to a fireworks factory:

It is dangerous for the world to have a President Of The United States who offers baseless opinions based on what he appears to have seen on television.

The government of Lebanon said it wasn’t a bomb, but that didn’t stop Trump from using his bully pulpit to spread false and inaccurate information.

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