White House Fakes Video And Pics Of Trump Working From The Hospital


The White House edited a video that Trump released after he went to the hospital and staged pictures to make it look like Trump was working.

The Washington Post reported that experts said the Trump video was edited and the pictures were part of a photoshoot that last ten minutes:

Then there is Miller’s claim that this was “one-take” — meaning it is presented as Trump offered it, without editing. Shortly after the video was published, a number of professional video editors noted this probably wasn’t true; that, after Trump mentions the use of therapeutics, he appears to begin to cough — but not complete the cough.


The Associated Press has both photos on its website and includes the above metadata about when the photos were captured. The one showing Trump wearing his jacket was created at 5:25 p.m. Saturday. The one without a jacket was created at 5:35 p.m. In other words, they were created 10 minutes apart.

Here is the video:

Instead of being honest with the American people about the status of Trump’s health, the White House tried to create deep fakes to fool people into believing that Trump is healthier than he is. The White House is trying to hide from voters the possible true status of Trump’s health.

The government is supposed to inform and lead their citizens, but the Trump administration has committed itself to misinformation and deception as the normal course of daily business.

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