White House Coronavirus Task Force To Hold First Press Briefing In 2 Months


Donald Trump has been jetting from one hotspot to the next declaring “mission accomplished” on the pandemic, but the White House coronavirus task force is set to hold its first press conference since April 27 as the virus surges back.

According to The Hill, “The White House coronavirus task force will hold a press briefing on Friday, marking the first time the group has spoken on camera to the public in roughly two months.”

Trump is not expected to attend the event, but that is always subject to change depending on whether the president feels he’s gotten enough attention on a given day.

The briefings came to a sudden stop in April after Trump suggested injecting light or disinfectant into the body as a treatment for the coronavirus.

The fact that the task force feels the need to get in front of cameras again is essentially an admission that they have failed at the only job they had: to get control of the virus in the United States.

Donald Trump’s coronavirus response has been a deadly failure

There is no question that the coronavirus has touched just about every corner of the globe. It wasn’t created by Donald Trump.

But what’s happening in the United States right now compared to the rest of the world shows just how important it is to have competent, responsible leadership

While coronavirus cases in Europe and the United States followed similar tracks when the virus first hit, only the U.S. is seeing another surge right now.

Even before the latest spike, the refusal of the Trump administration to take this virus seriously at the beginning of the outbreak made the United States the ultimate leader in infections and fatalities.

Now, with Trump’s rush to reopen the economy and act as though there was never a pandemic to begin with, America is seeing a record-breaking number of new cases.

Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak in the United States – to the extent that it can be called a response – has been a deadly, catastrophic failure. And it could be on the verge of getting even worse.

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