Where are they now, does ‘Midnight Sun’ await?


Apparently 2020 isn’t done being a strange year — because there’s finally a new “Twilight” book coming out.

“Midnight Sun,” which tells the story of the first novel from sparkly vampire Edward Cullen’s point of view, is out Tuesday. Author Stephenie Meyer has had it in the works for years, but when it leaked online in 2008, she wrote on her website, “I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on [‘Midnight Sun,’] and so it is on hold indefinitely.”

Well, not anymore! Now, you can learn what was going on in Edward’s mind during infamous scenes such as his meeting with Bella Swan in high school biology class, his heroic parking-lot rescue, or the iconic vampire baseball sequence.

And what a time for Edward Cullen to be relevant again, since he was alive during the 1918 pandemic.

The first “Twilight” book came out in 2005, while the first movie took the world by storm in 2008. It’s proven to be something of a launching point for its young stars, with both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart going on to be some of the most acclaimed — and daring — actors of their generation.

In honor of “Midnight Sun,” here’s a trip down memory lane in Forks, Washington, to see what became of the rest of the “Twilight” cast.

Robert Pattinson

Post-“Twilight,” Pattinson, 34, has carved a niche in arthouse films, playing increasingly eccentric characters, such as a lighthouse operator who pleasures himself to mermaids (“The Lighthouse,” 2019) and a bank robber with a thick Queens accent (“Good Time,” 2017). But appropriately enough, right when “Twilight” is coming back into the cultural conversation, Pattinson himself is dipping his toes into mainstream blockbusters again. Up next, he’s in a Christopher Nolan movie (“Tenet,” which keeps getting delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic) and “The Batman,” which will be his most high-profile role since Edward Cullen.

In 2017, Pattinson said he’d be “curious” to see where an expansion in the saga would lead to.

“I’m always kind of curious,” he told Yahoo. “Anything where there’s a mass audience — or seemingly an audience for it — I always like the idea of subverting people’s expectations. So there could be some radical way of doing it, which could be quite fun. It’s always difficult when there’s no source material. But, yeah, I’m always curious.”

Kristen Stewart

Like Pattinson, Stewart, 30, has made her post-vampire career a mix of big-screen blockbusters (“Snow White and the Huntsman,” 2012) and smaller, critically acclaimed films (“Personal Shopper,” 2016). She recently returned to the commercial blockbusters space with a starring role in the 2019 “Charlie’s Angels” reboot. Next up, she’ll play the iconic Princess Diana in “Spencer,” which doesn’t yet have a release date. In 2017, she also came out as bisexual.

In 2018 when asked if she would ever make another “Twilight” movie during an Entertainment Tonight interview, Stewart sarcastically said, “Oh, yeah sure.”

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartAndrew Cooper, SMPSP

Taylor Lautner

Lautner, 28, has had a more sparse career post-Jacob. Most notably, he appears in the 2015 Adam Sandler Netflix comedy “The Ridiculous 6,” Ryan Murphy’s horror-comedy show “Scream Queens” (2016), and from 2014 to 2018 he worked on British sitcom “Cuckoo,” playing the title character’s son.

Peter Facinelli

Vampire dad Carlisle Cullen has been busy post-“Twilight.” Facinelli, 46, has had steady recurring roles in shows such as “Glee,” “Nurse Jackie,” “Supergirl” and “S.W.A.T.” and he has several movie roles lined up in the future, such as “Thirteen Minutes” opposite Amy Smart and sci-fi thriller “The Dragon’s Egg,” also starring Ray Stevenson.

Taylor Lautner
Taylor LautnerAndrew Cooper, SMPSP

Elizabeth Reaser

Reaser, 45, who plays Esme Cullen — aka Edward’s vampire mom — has had a prolific post-“Twilight” career in high-profile shows such as “True Detective” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Most recently, she starred as Shirley Crain in Netflix’s buzzy horror drama, “The Haunting of Hill House.”

Kellan Lutz

Lutz, who plays Edward’s jock vampire brother Emmett, has carved out space in the action genre, appearing in movies such as “The Expendables 3” (2014) and “The Legend of Hercules” (2014). Currently, he stars as Ken Crosby in “FBI: Most Wanted” (a spinoff of Dick Wolf’s “FBI”), which CBS has renewed for a second season.

Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz.
Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz.Alamy Stock Photo

Nikki Reed

Reed, 32, has united two pop-culture vampire dynasties in her personal life by marrying “The Vampire Diaries” star Ian Somerholder, 41. Career-wise, she’s since appeared in a variety of TV shows, including “Sleepy Hollow” (2015 to 2016), Hulu’s “Dollface” (2019) and her hubby’s now-canceled Netflix vampire show “V Wars” (2019).

Jackson Rathbone

Rathbone, 35, who plays Edward’s vampire brother, Jasper, has since appeared in shows such as “White Collar” and “The Last Ship,” as well as the 2018 biblical drama “Samson,” which bombed at the box office. Rathbone was also tangentially involved in a YA Twitter scandal involving an author allegedly buying her way onto the best seller list in 2017.

Anna Kendrick

Ironically, Kendrick, 34, has one of the smaller roles in “Twilight” — as Bella’s human pal Jessica — but went on to achieve one of the best careers afterward. She got an Oscar nod for starring in “Up in the Air” opposite George Clooney in 2009, plus, she starred in commercial hit series “Pitch Perfect” (2012 to 2017) and Paul Feig’s 2018 film “A Simple Favor.” She’s currently starring in Feig’s HBO Max series, “Love Life.”

“Midnight Sun” is out Tuesday, Aug. 4.

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