Virus Whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright’s Testimony Devastates Trump


Dr. Rick Bright’s testimony about the Trump administration’s failure to act and refusal to listen to warnings about the coronavirus is devastating for Trump.

Dr. Bright said, “Congresswoman, we’ve known for quite some time that our stockpile is insufficient and having those critical personal protective equipment, so once this virus began spreading and became known to be a threat, I did feel quite concerned that we didn’t have those supplies. I began pushing urgently in January, along with some industry colleagues as well, and those urges, those alarms were not responded to with action.”

Bright added that instead of reacting to his alarms, the Trump administration cut him out of meetings, “I was told that my urgings were causing a commotion and I was removed from those meetings.”


Dr. Bright also stated that the Trump administration knew about PPE and critical equipment shortages in January, and did nothing:

Dr. Bright’s testimony before the House shreds all of the PR spin about his virus response that Trump has been trying to put out there.

Trump ignored the threat of the pandemic. He didn’t prepare the country, and his administration punished experts who warned that more had to be done.

While Trump is trying to distract with Obamagate, the real story about how his neglect and incompetence unleashed a pandemic and destroyed the economy is being told to the American people.

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