Vaccine Event Totally Backfires As Trump Humiliates Himself


Trump held an event to hype his effort to get a virus vaccine by the end of the year, but then added that the coronavirus might not need a vaccine.

Trump announced that he wants a vaccine by the end of the year or sooner:

Then he said that the virus might go away without a vaccine, “You know, it is not solely vaccine-based. Other things have never had a vaccine and they go away. So I don’t want people to think this is all dependent on vaccine, but a vaccine would be a tremendous thing and I will tell you, therapeutically or therapeutics what is going on there is equally as impressive.”


Trump was asked about being worried about students bringing the virus home to grandparents if schools reopen and he essentially admitted that opening the economy is more important:

Trump held an event to promise a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year, where he said that the virus might not need a vaccine, and may just go away on its own.

Hoping that the pandemic goes away is not a plan, but that is what Trump is offering. As usual, he brought out a parade of officials and put on a show, but there were no details or information offered as to how Trump is going to get a vaccine, and then vaccinate the American people.

The entire event was a fresh humiliation that highlighted the incompetence of Donald Trump.

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