Tyranny In Tennessee As GOP House Speaker Cuts Democrats’ Mics And Refuses To Allow Them To Speak


The Republican Speaker of the House in Tennessee cut the microphones of Democrats and refused to allow them to speak on an education reform bill.


The bill being considered has been packaged by Republicans in the state as an “education reform bill” and has come under heavy criticism because it changes the entire formula for school district funding in the state. It is a massive bill, and Democrats were not allowed to debate it.

Speaker Sexton cut off the microphones of Democrats so that they could not voice any objections or debate the legislation.

The bill passed the state House by a vote of 66-28 but when Republicans talk about free speech, Tennessee is an example of what they mean.

Republicans don’t want free speech for everyone. They seek to take away the right to dissent and criticize while claiming to advocate for “free speech.”

The former party of limited government individual liberty is being replaced with a big government authoritarian machine that squashes individual rights. Democrats are the only party that is fighting for democracy and freedom.

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