Two More Former Trump National Security Officials Endorse Biden


Two more former Trump administration national security officials have endorsed Joe Biden for president after the Democratic convention.

The group Defending Democracy Together announced that there are now six former Trump national security officials endorsing Joe Biden:

The two new additions are joining the previously announced 73 Republican National Security officials who have endorsed Joe Biden.

The former Trump national security officials have revealed that Trump tried to trade Puerto Rico for Greenland because Trump thinks Puerto Ricans are dirty and poor. Trump has been at war with the US intelligence and national security communities since he took office, and the people who have worked with him are telling voters that they must elect Joe Biden.

Biden continues to pick up support from people who worked in Trump’s administration for a reason. Donald Trump and his administration are a national security risk. The choice in November isn’t between two candidates. It is a decision on whether or not America will be pulled back from the brink.

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