Trump’s Town Hall Is A Disaster As He Falls Apart On Healthcare


The Trump town hall on NBC took a turn into broken down babble when Trump was asked about his healthcare plan.

Trump was asked, “You’ve repealed but you haven’t replaced. You’ve been in office almost four years. You had both houses of congress, Senate and House, in Republican hands. And there is not a replacement yet.”

Trump said, “That’s right. I’m sorry. But if you look, we had both houses and what did we do? We got rid of the individual mandate.”

Savannah Guthrie reminded him, “The promise was repeal and replace.”

Trump said, “Look, look, we should be on the same side. I want it very simple. I’m going to put it very simple. We would like to terminate it and we would like to replace it with something that’s much less expensive and much better. We will always protect people with preexisting conditions.”

Guthrie said, “But if you’re successful in court in November, the preexisting conditions, that promise will be gone.”

Trump babbled, “If we don’t succeed, we are running the remnants of whatever is left because we took it apart. We are running the remnants of whatever is left much better than the previous administration, which ran it very badly. We would like to have new health care, much better and much less expensive.”


The Trump town hall has turned out to be a disaster. As Joe Biden is on ABC relating to Republicans and Trump voters, Donald Trump is on NBC and unable to explain why after four years and total control of the federal government, he has been unable to propose a healthcare plan.

Trump can’t hide behind other Republican candidates as he did in the 2016 primary, or Hillary Clinton, as he did in the 2016 general election.

The presidential spotlight is the brightest in the world, and it is revealing the complete disaster that is Donald Trump.

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