Trump’s Mail Sabotage Blows Up In His Face From Sea To Shining Sea


Trump’s plot to sabotage the Postal Service and cheat to win the 2020 election is dominating local news headlines in a way that he didn’t expect.

Jake Sherman of the Politico Playbook had a round-up of local headlines:

The Arizona Republic, bottom of the front page: “Postal Service warns 46 states about ballot delays”… Sacramento Bee: “Newsom says USPS changes’ sabotage’ mail-in vote”… San Diego Union-Tribune: “POSTAL SERVICE WARNS STATES IT MAY NOT MEET MAIL-IN BALLOT DEADLINES”… Connecticut Post: “USPS to CT: Mail-in ballots not assured by Nov. 3 election”… Hartford Courant: “USPS: Ballot delivery could be late”…

… Miami Herald: “USPS warns Florida some of its mail ballots could be rejected”… Tampa Bay Times: “Mail-in votes are threatened”… Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Mail delays may void absentee ballots”… Wichita Eagle: “USPS removes mail machines in Mo., Kansas”… Baltimore Sun: “Answers sought in delays of U.S. mail”… Boston Globe: “Postal service warns about vote”… Kansas City Star: “Mail machines in Kansas, Missouri removed by USPS”… Star-Ledger (N.J.): “Postal service warns of possible ballot delay”…

… Charlotte Observer: “N.C. voters urged to request, mail absentee ballots earlier”… The Oregonian: “Leaders blast postal changes”… Dallas Morning News: “Are mail ballots at risk?”… Houston Chronicle: “States warned mail-in ballot delays likely”… Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “USPS warns ballot delivery at risk”

The President’s attack on the USPS has become a national story like few others outside of the pandemic. The post office story might be even bigger than the pandemic because infection rates vary, but everyone has a post office and gets mail.

Trump thought that he could get away with sabotaging the post office, and if history is any guide, he will keep doing until the blowback is so intense that he is forced to pullback. Part of the Trump strategy for years has been to court rural voters through local television interviews, so if local media coverage goes sour, Trump will have undermined a key component of his reelection communications strategy.

Just like with Ukraine, Trump’s desperation to win has caused him to cheat in a way that has become a self-created crisis.

Trump’s post office plot has backfired and the blowback is coming in from all of America.

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