Trump’s Hunter Biden Smears Are Built On A Document From A Fake Intelligence Firm


A new report published Thursday reveals that a “dossier” that laid the groundwork for right-wing conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden is actually the work of a “fake” intelligence firm.

According to NBC News, “The Hunter Biden ‘dossier’ that went viral on right-wing internet sites and was later disseminated by Trump’s close associates appears to be from a fake ‘intelligence firm’.”

According to the report, “Despite the document’s questionable authorship and anonymous sourcing, its claims that Hunter Biden has a problematic connection to the Communist Party of China have been used by people who oppose the Chinese government, as well as by far-right influencers, to baselessly accuse candidate Joe Biden of being beholden to the Chinese government.”

The phony dossier is part of a broader attempt by Trump and his allies in right-wing outlets to hurt Joe Biden and help Donald Trump in the closing days of the presidential campaign.

A failed October surprise from a desperate campaign

As NBC News noted in its report, the smear campaign against Hunter Biden is part of Trump’s “failed October surprise” meant to revive his struggling reelection campaign.

Outside of the Fox News airwaves and the right-wing Twittersphere, though, the Hunter Biden-China conspiracy theory is barely a discussion. It’s just not something that sane Americans are thinking about.

As coronavirus cases skyrocket to record levels and the economy continues to teeter on the edge, Donald Trump is pushing conspiracy theories rooted in fake intelligence and written by people who don’t exist.

It’s no wonder the polls show the president behind with just days until the votes are counted.

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