Trump’s GOTV Operation In Pennsylvania Appears To Be Failing


An official close to the Trump campaign said that there are concerns that the state isn’t turning out Republican voters.


Pete Alexander of NBC News reported:

I spoke to a person with direct knowledge of the campaign operations who tells me they feel good about Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia right now but expressed real concerns about the turnout operations taking place right now for the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania. This person telling me that Pennsylvania was not as prepared as it should be in a state that could decide the presidency.

Also, saying that when you rely on, you bank your entire campaign effort on election day turnout. You have to ask folks if they are willing to stand in line for a couple of hours to deliver that vote on your behalf. This is significant, Chuck. It’s the first real crack we’re hearing within Trump world today about a potential failure in this strategy. This person expressing frustration about how the president said don’t mail in your ballot or vote absentee. That you want to go to the polls, and he wanted that rush of his base of support on election day. It may work with the base, but as this person described it, what happens to all those others? What happens to moms working at home and have their kids and can’t stand in line for a matter of hours.

Trump started Election Day likely more than a million votes behind Joe Biden in Pennsylvania. Trump spent months telling people in Pennsylvania not to vote by mail. The result of Trump’s attack on early voting in Pennsylvania is that only 586,336 returned mail-in ballots. Democrats have been running a mail-in voting organization effort all year, and the result is that 1,641,825 Democrats turned in their ballots early.

Donald Trump’s entire strategy for contesting Pennsylvania is based on a huge same-day voting lead. If the state party, which is controlled by Trump, doesn’t get those voters out for the president, Joe Biden may end up flipping Pennsylvania with ease.
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