Trump’s Authoritarian Stunt Flops As Protests Are Getting Larger All Across The Country


Donald Trump swaggered out of the White House on Monday and did his best Kim Jong Un impersonation in the Rose Garden, telling protesters across the country that he won’t hesitate to use military force to silence Americans who are speaking out in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

“If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy United States military and quickly solve the problem for them,” the president said.

In a phone call, he urged governors to “dominate” the streets and get tough with demonstrators, telling them, “If you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time.”

In a tweet, Trump went even further, saying, “Liberal Governors and Mayors must get MUCH tougher or the Federal Government will step in and do what has to be done, and that includes using the unlimited power of our Military and many arrests.”

It turns out nobody is afraid of this weak and petty president, and the demonstrations are actually getting larger all across the country – from Los Angeles to Houston to New York.

According to MSNBC’s Joy Reid, “Pretty sure these are the largest protests we’ve seen yet. They are getting bigger, not smaller, and going worldwide.”

According to MSNBC’s Garrett Haake, Trump’s strongman routine on Monday actually motivated people to turn out to the demonstrations who might have otherwise stayed out.

Washington Post reporter Hannah Natanson said Tuesday’s crowd in D.C. was “the biggest turnout I have seen yet outside the White House.”

Trump’s dictator theatrics were a massive flop

Donald Trump thought his authoritarian stunt outside the White House on Monday would project strength, but it only demonstrated what a weak coward he is.

There is nothing tough about gassing peaceful protesters for a bizarre photo op in front of a church. There’s certainly nothing strong about desecrating the Bible for political gain.

Not only was Donald Trump’s stunt abhorrent – and it will be remember as such when the history of this time is written – but it appears to have motivated even more Americans to raise their voices all across the country.

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