Trump’s Attacks On Joe Biden’s Family Bomb With Debate Viewers


One of the strongest negative reactions that undecided debate viewers had was to Donald Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden’s family.

An Independent voter in Wisconsin told MSNBC, “I am so tired of the family thing. I think when, again, when Biden was able to say this is not about my family or your family. I’m looking at the camera, that was I think an epic slam dunk for me. I’m tired of it.”

She also said that she didn’t even know what Hunter Biden’s laptop was, which is a sign that the Russian disinformation has not gone beyond conservative media.


CNN’s poll of debate viewers also found that Trump’s attacks on Biden did not go over well with viewers, “Biden’s attacks on Trump, 73% said, yes, they were fair. Only 26%, a quarter of debate watchers, said, no, they weren’t fair. Very different results, when you ask about Donald Trump’s attack on Joe Biden. Look at this. It’s about split in half. 50% said, yes, trump’s attacks on Biden were fair. But 49% of debate watchers said, no, Donald Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden were not fair. So definitely, on the truth meter, the attack meter, it was a Biden advantage.”

Video of the CNN poll results:

Joe Biden is a likable and decent person, so it is not hard to imagine Trump’s personal attacks on Biden and his family backfiring on him.

Donald Trump only has one playbook that worked in 2016 because Hillary Clinton was a unique situation. Voters are tired of Trump making everything personal. The majority want a government that puts them first.

Trump thought that he could dirty up Joe Biden and lower his favorable ratings, but the only person that he harmed with his attacks was Donald Trump.

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