Trump’s 60 Minutes Interview Is An Even Bigger Disaster Than Reported


Trump’s 60 Minutes was even worse than first reported and likely cost him any chance of winning reelection.

Video of Trump’s meltdown and walkout:


President Trump: I don’t have to discredit you.

Stahl: But that’s what you told me–

President Trump: You’ve discredited yourself.

Stahl: You know, I didn’t want to have this kind of angry- –

President Trump: Of course you did.

Stahl: No, I didn’t-

President Trump: Of course you did–

Stahl: –No, I didn’t.

President Trump: Well, then you brought up a lot of subjects that were inappropriately brought up–

Stahl: Well, I said, I’m gonna ask you tough questions.


President Trump: They were inappropriately brought up. Right from the beginning. No, your first question was, “This is going to be tough questions.” You don’t ask Joe Biden, I saw your interview with Joe, the interview with Joe Biden.

Stahl: I never did a Joe Biden interview-

President Trump: It was a joke. The interview, “60 minutes.” I see Joe Biden, giving softball after softball. I’ve seen all of his interviews. He’s never been asked a question that’s hard.

Stahl: Okay, but forget him for a minute. You’re president–

President Trump: No, but you start with me.

Stahl: You’re president, and-

President Trump: Excuse me, Leslie, you started with me. Your first statement was, “Are you ready for tough questions?”

Stahl: Are you?

President Trump: That’s no way to talk. That’s no way to talk.

Leslie, one, one second.

Stahl: At this point, one of our producers interrupted to advise about the time remaining in the interview.

President Trump: I think we have enough of an interview here, hope. Okay? That’s enough. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go meet for two seconds, okay? Thanks. I’ll see you in a little while. Thanks.

Trump can’t stand being reminded by a woman that he is responsible for all of this failure. Trump looked like a child, not a president. He didn’t like the fact that the questions were too hard for him, so he left.

Trump gave up and surrendered to the coronavirus. He gave up and ran away from 60 Minutes. America needs a president who will stand and fight, but all Trump knows how to do is bellow and run away.

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