Trump Whines To Florida Crowd That Media Covered A Hurricane More Than His Nobel Nominations


Donald Trump traveled to Jacksonville, Florida on Thursday and spent part of his superspreader rally whining that the media covered a hurricane more than his Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

Trump told what was likely a fake story about how he sat down with First Lady Melania Trump after he was nominated and was stunned to see that his nominations weren’t being covered on NBC’s nightly broadcast.

“They start off with you, they said you had some heavy rain,” Trump said, suggesting that he’d rather have Floridians hear about his pointless Nobel Prize nominations than a hurricane heading toward the state.

Trump continued his story, “Now the show’s almost over, I said, ‘First Lady, they’re not mentioning the Nobel Peace Prize. This is very embarrassing.’”

The president, clearly off his rocker, went on to say that his nominations should have gotten the same level of coverage as Barack Obama when he actually won the Nobel Peace Prize.


Trump said:

I was nominated for two Nobel Peace Prizes last week. You know the story. You know the story. And I told our great First Lady, I said, ‘First Lady, I was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I’m going to come home early. I’m gonna watch it on NBC News, which is one of the biggest scam jobs I’ve ever seen’ NBC, probably worse than CNN, NBC. … I said, “First Lady, wait til you see it. Nobel Peace Prize, this will definitely be the biggest thing.” … They start off with you (Florida), they said you had some heavy rain. They started off with something else, something else, some else, something else. Now the show’s almost over, I said, “First Lady, they’re not mentioning the Nobel Peace Prize. This is very embarrassing.” … Remember when Obama got – they said, ‘Ladies and gentleman, Barack Hussein Obama has just been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.’ … We watch the news, never even mentioned. When Barack Obama got his Nobel Prize like immediately after he got elected, they asked him why did you get it, he had no clue.

Shorter version of Trump’s Florida speech: Me, me, me

Donald Trump can’t handle a moment that passes when he isn’t the center of national attention. It’s why he has inserted himself into literally every aspect of American life, even when it comes to sports and show business.

But it goes without saying – at least it should go without saying – that a potentially dangerous storm is far more important than a Nobel Peace Prize that Trump will never win.

In 40 days, the American people will have the opportunity to elect a president who is more concerned about doing the job than getting attention on nightly news broadcasts.

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