Trump Whines About The New York Times As U.S. Hits 100K Coronavirus Cases In A Single Day


If you’re looking for a sign that Donald Trump is losing his campaign for reelection, look no further than his Twitter account.

On Saturday morning, Trump threw a tantrum about the “failing” The New York Times as the paper continues to publish a string of bombshell reports that show Trump pays next to nothing in U.S. taxes.

“I paid many millions of dollars in Taxes to the Federal Government, most of which was even paid early, or PREPAID. MANY $MILLIONS,” Trump whined. “The Failing [New York Times] never likes reporting that!”

The new Trump talking point that he prepaid millions in taxes is laughable, of course, but it just shows how desperate he is to put this story behind him as the election approaches.

Not only has The New York Times shown that the president is a tax dodger, but the paper’s reporting has also revealed that Trump has a secret Chinese bank account, avoided paying taxes on nearly $300 million in loans, and he may have committed fraud related to so-called charitable donations.

As Trump whines, coronavirus cases surge

While Donald Trump continues to whine on Twitter and hold dangerous superspreader rallies in battleground states, the coronavirus is surging across the country – and he has given up even pretending to care.

On Friday, the United States became the first country in the world to report 100,000 coronavirus cases in a single day, bringing the total tally of cases in the U.S. to over 9.3 million.

As cases surge, so do the number of Americans who are dying from the virus, with roughly 1,000 people in the United States losing their lives per day. With a president and federal government that have given up trying to contain COVID-19, these numbers are only going to get worse as the winter approaches.

It’s all just another reflection of how unfit Donald Trump is to be president at a time of crisis.

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