Trump Vows To Kill Obamacare During Coronavirus And Economic Collapse


The country is in the middle of a pandemic and an economic collapse, but Donald Trump is vowing to kill Obamacare and make healthcare worse for the American people.

Daniel Dale of CNN tweeted:

It is almost as if Trump is sitting around and trying to think of ways to lose the election to Joe Biden. Of course, Trump isn’t truly thinking of ways to lose. He is retreating to his favorite tactic of playing to his base.

The problem with Trump remains that he doesn’t see the rest of America. He only sees his base, and the President is so worried about keeping his base with him that he is willing to do wildly unpopular things to keep 40% of the country with him.

Trump’s Wednesday comments came after Attorney General William Barr suggested that taking away people’s healthcare in a presidential election year during the middle of a pandemic might not be such a great idea.

It has been five years of great healthcare promises and Donald Trump still has no plan to replace the ACA. Having no plan is the plan. The one way to make the coronavirus crisis even worse is to deny sick people the ability to see a doctor, but that is exactly what Trump wants to do.

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