Trump Uses Routine Intel To Make Fake Biden Unmasking Scandal


As the economy collapses, and the country teeters under the weight of a pandemic, Trump is making up fake Biden scandals.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

The National Security Agency received and approved requests from more than a dozen Obama administration officials, including Vice President Joe Biden, to “unmask” a U.S. citizen mentioned in classified foreign intelligence reports that revealed the identity of Michael Flynn.

The requests were made between President Trump’s November 2016 election and inauguration in January 2017, according to a declassified memo made public Wednesday.


Unmasking U.S. identities in intelligence reports is a fairly routine process that occurs thousands of times annually, according to statistics maintained by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and is requested by senior administration officials to better understand the context of intercepted conversations that are being reviewed.

The memo was released by Sens. Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley, two Trump allies who have been trying to create a Senate investigation into Biden to help Trump.

Trump and the Republicans don’t want people to think about their lost jobs, lost friends and relatives who have died from the coronavirus, or the fact that the pandemic is raging on in the United States.

Republicans want to change the subject, as Trump has been furiously tweeting for days in an effort to discredit the Russia scandal. Trump and the GOP’s poll numbers are slipping by the day, so they are trying to get the base back in line by doing what they do best. They are trying to create a distraction to change the subject.

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