Trump Unravels On Live TV And Mistakenly Thinks He’s The President Of China


In a rare television interview with a non-Fox News channel, Donald Trump put on one of his most bumbling performances to date.

At one point, Trump appeared to forget which country he’s president of, claiming that he “banned people from coming into China” to stop the coronavirus.

As Aaron Rupar of Vox pointed out, Trump’s behavior in the interview “comes across as a parody of an incompetent leader.”


Trump’s mistaken claim that he implemented a policy to prevent people from entering China came in the middle of a live TV temper tantrum, all because ABC’s David Muir asked the president why he underestimated the coronavirus outbreak so badly in January and February.

Trump quickly pulled out a piece of paper and explained that the only reason the U.S. has over a million coronavirus cases is because we have the highest testing capacity in the world (which is false).

During the interview, Trump also couldn’t name a single thing he’s done over the past three years to improve the country’s standing, and he responded to the soaring number of unemployment claims by saying “that is what it is.”

This is why Trump rarely leaves his Fox News bubble

During his first three years as president, Trump has rarely sat down with folks who aren’t on the Fox News payroll.

But with the presidential election just six months away and Joe Biden leading in most national and battleground state polls, Trump’s campaign team likely recognizes that it’ll take more than just Fox News viewers to give him a second term in the White House.

If this is the way Donald Trump performs outside of his Fox News safe space, then he’s in some major trouble.

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