Trump Tweets Commercial For His Golf Course As Thousands Of Americans Die


Donald Trump tweeted a commercial for the reopening of his California golf course at the same time as thousands are dying daily from the coronavirus.

Trump tweeted this ad for his business:

Even during a pandemic, Trump is using the platform of the presidency to promote his businesses. The tweet also reinforces the idea that Donald Trump doesn’t care about American deaths. He wants things to go back to normal, and for him, normal is making money off of the presidency.

No other president would ever have gotten away with such overt public corruption, but Republicans have given Donald Trump a free pass. House Democrats are limited in what they can do to punish the President for this behavior. Since Mitch McConnell refuses to act, Trump has no fear of being held accountable for his actions by Congress.

Accountability will come on November 3rd. A man who only cares about making money for himself deserves to be a one-term president.

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