Trump Tries To Hide Leaked Report Showing Virus Cases Surging


Trump is refusing to release a report that showed virus cases are surging in the country as the pandemic is spreading from coastal cities to the heartland and beyond.

Via NBC News:
The data in a May 7 coronavirus task force report are at odds with President Donald Trump’s declaration Monday that “all throughout the country, the numbers are coming down rapidly.”

The 10 top areas recorded surges of 72.4 percent or greater over a seven-day period compared to the previous week, according to a set of tables produced for the task force by its data and analytics unit. They include Nashville, Tennessee; Des Moines, Iowa; Amarillo, Texas; and — atop the list, with a 650 percent increase — Central City, Kentucky.

On a separate list of “locations to watch,” which didn’t meet the precise criteria for the first set: Charlotte, North Carolina; Kansas City, Missouri; Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska; Minneapolis; Montgomery, Alabama; Columbus, Ohio; and Phoenix. The rates of new cases in Charlotte and Kansas City represented increases of more than 200 percent over the previous week.

The White House refused to release the report because it goes against the narrative that they are trying to spin that the virus has been defeated and it safe for people to go back to work and normal economic activity.

The coronavirus has not been defeated. There is not enough testing to stop the spread. Many Republican majority governed states are easing restrictions too soon, and the result is a surge in cases that are being documented but hidden from the public by the Trump administration. The reality is that the American people don’t know how severe the pandemic is because the country is still not testing in adequate numbers on a per capita basis.

Instead of governing, and fixing the problems, Trump is trying to sell the American people a PR campaign about happy days being here again.

The truth is that people are getting sick at an alarming rate.

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