Trump Staged An Outdoor Photo Op Because He Was Furious About Being Called Bunker Boy


Donald Trump finally exited the White House on Monday night, first to deliver his best Kim Jong Un impression in the Rose Garden and then to hold a photo-op at a church across the street.

In his brief remarks, Trump sounded like a wannabe dictator, spewing his usual “law and order” rhetoric and promising to send in the U.S. military if state and local leaders don’t get tough on protesters.

Once his speech wrapped up, the president had a nearby group of peaceful protesters tear-gassed so he could stroll across the street to hold up a Bible in front of a damaged church.

As CNN’s Jim Acosta noted, “Police and members of the US military were deployed to clear out a protest so Trump can hold up a Bible outside of church.”

The reason for Trump’s off-campus excursion: He was mad about bunker boy coverage

The reason Donald Trump wanted to be seen outside on Monday is that he was fuming about media coverage of him hiding from protesters in the White House bunker over the weekend.

Trump could have used his remarks on Monday to calm the nation and at least attempt to bring the country together. Heck, he could have done what Joe Biden did – meet with some of the protesters and listen to their concerns.

But instead, Donald Trump crawled out of the White House with a bucket of gasoline and started dumping it all over this country’s raging wildfire. He effectively waged war on the American people, all because he was sore about being called a coward over the weekend.

What the president showed on Monday night was that this country is much better off when he’s hiding in his bunker.

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