Trump Says He’s Doing America A Big Favor By Discouraging Mail-In Voting


Trump said that he is doing America a big favor by discouraging mail-in voting and encouraging Americans to risk their lives during a pandemic.

Trump said, “They sends out millions of ballots. They’re totally unprepared, and then they come back in the missiles. It is going to be a disaster. I’m doing our country a big favor by bringing it up. And you know from a common standpoint, even common sense standpoint if you look at I. Just out of common sense, and pure basic beautiful intelligence. You know it can’t work. Now Florida has worked very hard for years and years in developing a system, and I’m sure they probably have problems also. But absentee ballots are different than mail-in ballots.”


It just so happens that this big “favor” that the President is doing for the American people would benefit Donald Trump the most.

Trump does tend to think that he is the United States of America, and has said that his interests are America’s interests, so his statement is consistent with his view of the country.

Donald Trump doesn’t want people to have easy access to voting, because the more people that vote the higher the likelihood that he is going to get blown by Joe Biden.

Trump doesn’t do favors for anyone unless there is something in it for him. His best, and maybe only, chance of winning a second term is to prevent people from voting.

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