Trump Pressures The Supreme Court To Steal Pennsylvania For Him


Trump pre-thanked the Supreme Court for throwing out Biden votes and handing him a Pennsylvania victory shortly after election day.


Trump said in Reading, PA, “If we win on Tuesday or — thank you very much, Supreme Court — shortly thereafter –.”

Donald Trump appears to know that he is not going to win Pennsylvania after the mail-in ballots are counted, so he is planning on declaring victory on election night in the state, and he is going to appeal to the Supreme Court to throw out ballots that are likely Biden votes.

Trump is also angry at the Supreme Court for not stopping the three-day ballot arrival deadline extension in Pennsylvania, so in typical Trumpian fashion, he is trying to work the Supreme Court to get them to do his bidding.

Trump isn’t hiding it. He is trying to steal Pennsylvania.

The President is counting on the election map being the same as it was in 2016, and Pennsylvania being the critical state that will decide the election, but Joe Biden has seven different paths to the presidency. He doesn’t need Pennsylvania to win the White House.

On the other hand, if Trump loses any one of Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, or Arizona, while Michigan and Wisconsin go blue, he will be toast.

There is a greater possibility of Biden winning the election by a wide margin than there is of a close Electoral College contest where Pennsylvania decides it all.

Trump knows that he is losing, which is why he is publicly planning to cheat to stay in power.

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