Trump Loses It And Launches Website To Find Hidden Meanings In Biden’s Statements


The Trump campaign has launched a new website where they have declared war on facts and are looking for hidden meaning in Biden’s statements.

The press release from the Trump campaign:

The campaign is unveiling a new website that they claim will investigate Joe Biden and use “experts” to find the hidden meaning behind the former vice president’s statements.

The website isn’t about finding the truth but twisting Joe Biden’s words to create propaganda and misinformation.

This is a desperate act by a campaign that knows they are losing, and their only hope of winning is to muddy up Joe Biden with endless misinformation, conspiracy theories, propaganda, and dirt.

It was always going to come down to this. A president who has told around 20,000 lies while in office, refused to believe the intelligence community, and will not believe health and medical experts on the coronavirus has openly declared war on facts.

Trump has been battling reality his whole life, and now it will be a centerpiece of his reelection campaign.

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