Trump Judge Orders Classified Docs Remove From Special Master So That They Can Be Used In DOJ Criminal Probe


After the 11 Circuit overturned her ruling for Trump, Judge Aileen Cannon ordered the classified documents removed from the special master so that they could be used in the DOJ criminal investigation.

Here is the order:

It took Trump less than a day to have his victory in Judge Cannon’s court overturned in the 11th Circuit. The former president could attempt to take this case to the Supreme Court, but there is no guarantee that the court would hear it or that they would rule in his favor.

The whole point of wanting a special master was to hopefully buy him months of time and bog down the DOJ investigation into his potential mishandling of government documents.

Judge Cannon was rebuked in the 11th Circuit ruling for “abusing her descretion” in the initial ruling for Trump.

Donald Trump has his special master, but he didn’t get what he really wanted, which was to hold off the Justice Department for long enough so that he could get past the midterm election and declare his candidacy for president.

The Judicial Branch takes national security more seriously than Donald Trump, which is why his usual stall and delay tactics have quickly unraveled.

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