Trump Is “The Worst President in American History”


Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt pulled no punches in a grim assessment of the President’s Coronavirus response on Thursday. Steve Schmidt said Donald Trump was the worst president in the country’s history.

Schmidt served as an advisor to Senator John McCain during his 2008 presidential bid. He’s now part of the conservative Lincoln Project and spoke to MSNBC about their new ad “Mourning in America.”

“What the ad points out is that the President, who ran saying, ‘I alone can fix it,’ and, ‘I’ll make America great again,’ has presided over an era unlike any other in American history,” Schmidt explained.

“He’s brought tragedy to the country. This is a moment of profound American weakness.”

“He has handled this with a level of ineptitude and incompetence that is simply staggering,” Schmidt went on.

“The cost is immense human suffering in the country. We have 70,000 dead Americans, that number will cruise through 100,000. We have a shattered economy. We’ll see unemployment rates of 30 percent.”

“None of this had to happen,” the ex-Republican said.

“He was not on his game, he left the country unprotected. He’s been lying to the country, he has been talking about his television ratings. His eye is not on the ball.”

“The reality is, we have the worst president in American history at the moment of one of the greatest crises in the country’s history.”

Schmidt accused the President of lacking empathy and leadership.

“All over this country, there is death that did not have to be,” Schmidt said.

“He told the American people that he had been assured by the Chinese, no problem — 15 Americans have this, soon it will be gone. This is a disaster for the ages.”

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