Trump is systematically ripping America to shreds


It is no small wonder that besides evangelical fundamentalists, Trump’s greatest electoral base is comprised of anti-government, racist conspiracy theorists dreaming of destroying America from within. Although that nasty segment of the population is a minority and seemingly powerless to dismantle the government on its own, and although Trump sits in a place he should be banned from occupying, he wields a significant amount of unwarranted power. In Trump’s case, his dictatorial power is granted by Republicans in Congress who allow Trump to do precisely what the GOP dreams about – assaulting every part of the government with the sole purpose of tearing it apart.

There are plenty of Americans who believe in limited government, but it is likely that even those people comprehend that there are certain things only government can provide; it is much, much more than funding a powerful military. And, it is crucial to note that even selfish Libertarians comprehend that without “government” there would be no services all Americans use and depend on. Those services, in particular, entail all manner of laws and regulations enacted for the sole purpose of protecting the people from predators like Trump, power-hungry religious fundamentalists, and industries controlling the current government.

First, it is important to note that nearly everything Trump has done to dismantle the parts of government created for the general welfare of the American people are part and parcel of every Republicans’ raison d’être over the past several decades. It is not that Republicans necessarily detest every agency created to protect the people, it is simply that their fealty lies with the predators the various government agencies exist to regulate.

It is difficult to intuit if there is any part of the Federal government, or America, that Trump is not willing to destroy to feed his malicious narcissism as well as satisfy his Republican Party base. It is true that every new administration comes into power with specific agendas, but within days of Trump’s poorly-attended inauguration it was clear that no part of the federal government would be spared his malicious narcissism. His goal was, and still is, tearing America to shreds and putting an end to the concept of a “United” States of America. It was also clear there were no civil servants Trump would not punish for failing to worship him as god almighty.

There is clearly no agency or department making up the Federal government that Trump has not attempted to dismantle whether it is the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Education, Consumer Protection Agency (Federal Trade Commission), Centers for Disease Control, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAH), Federal Reserve, FDA, United States Postal Service, Social Security Trust, Agriculture Department (USDA), State Department, Department of Energy and many, many others. Trump’s methodology for dismantling those critical agencies and departments was diabolically transparent – either install well-known industry lobbyists and Republicans openly calling for those agencies and departments’ demise, or by drastically cutting funding to break them.

Breaking the government is not Trump’s only assault on America. He has made no secret that pitting Americans against each other is paramount to his dictatorial goal. The latest Trump abomination of glorifying racists and gun-toting malcontents who are dutifully following his “call to action” is bearing fruit across the nation and putting lawfully elected leaders in mortal jeopardy. In particular, calling for Americans devoted to Trump as dictator to be “warriors” in “America’s comeback” has incited calls for Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s assassination.

Trump’s so-called “very good people,” his so-called “warriors” to reopen states, want Governor Whitmer either lynched in public, shot dead, beaten, or beheaded. Some of the comments echoing Trump’s not-so-subtle antipathy towards Democrats, particularly Democratic women, are more akin to third-world tyrants ruling banana republics than the leader of a representative democracy. Some comments from Trump’s Michigan supporters reveal the danger of inciting opposition to lawful regulations.

We need a good old fashioned lynch mob to storm the Capitol, drag her tyrannical ass out onto the street and string her up as our forefathers would have. Drag that tyrant governor out to the front lawn. Fit her for a noose.”

”Either President Trump sends in the troops or there is going to be a midnight lynching in Lansing soon.”

”Plain and simple she needs to eat lead and send a statement to the rest of the democrats that they are next. Wonder how long till she’s hit with a shotgun blast. Can we just take up a collection for an assassin to put that woman from Michigan down?”

It is noteworthy that those death threats are a direct result of Trump’s “call to action.”  Just a month ago Trump called the lawfully elected Michigan Governor “that woman from Michigan.” (author bold) 

Trump has been so successful inciting hatred among Americans that with valuable assistance from “Moscow Mitch” McConnell, so-called “red states” are now directly appealing Congress to deny any stimulus assistance for neighboring states with Democratic leaders. All the while, instead of calling for unity, Trump is ramping up the “us versus them” rhetoric that has already caused the death of innocent Americans.

Across America there are reports of Trump’s coronavirus warriors attacking other Americans for attempting to save lives, as well as follow lawful state rules – including abusing law enforcement officers wearing masks.

Trump has even assaulted members of the military whether it is demanding the immediate firing of an aircraft carrier’s Captain, or calling top military brass “babies and dopes.” All the while he unilaterally reinstated a Navy Seal and pardoned two other officers even after Defense Secretary Esper reportedly met with Trump to dissuade him from intervening in military justice cases. Prior to meeting with Trump, Mr. Esper told reporters that he has “full confidence in the military justice system.” Trump disagreed with Esper and took action against the military justice system – simply to curry favor with his base.

Whether it was assaulting the federal judiciary, or the federal law enforcement community call them “human scum,” or referring to the State Department as “deep State Department,” undermining the public’s trust in every government entity has been his raison d’être since he took office. It is no small coincidence that Trump’s three year attempt to undermine pubic trust in government fits perfectly with the intent of Vladimir Putin.

It is almost certain that throughout America’s history no White House occupant has ever attempted to divide the nation for any reason – much less for his own benefit. There is no part of the Federal government Trump hasn’t assaulted, insulted, and demeaned, and no group of people he hasn’t incited opposition against from his anti-government, racist, and religious right base who lust for a reason to initiate a civil war.

Trump’s antipathy towards anyone attempting to unite the American people was on display in a very telling way when he attacked former President George W. Bush for doing the unthinkable in Trump’s kingdom – call for unity among Americans during a deadly crisis.

It is a sad commentary for America that its abomination in the Oval Office has spent the past three-and-a-half years working tirelessly, in concert with Republicans, to tear America apart and assault everything about this nation, including its founding document.

Trump’s nonstop acts of self-aggrandizing, no matter the amount of damage he wreaks on the country, reveals that hating America is his religion. And yes, Trump hates everything about America or he would not make ripping it apart and pitting Americans against each other his sole purpose in life. Donald J. Trump is not simply un-American, he is decidedly anti-America and the greatest threat to this nation’s survival – exactly according to Vladimir Putin’s plans.

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