Trump Is Spending Labor Day Making Up Fake Polls


Trump is spending his Labor Day morning tweeting about imaginary polls and promising America that a virus vaccine is coming fast.

Trump tweeted:

In the CBS News Battleground Tracker released on Sunday, Biden led Trump 50%-38% when voters were asked who would do a better job handling the coronavirus. There has not been a single recent poll where Trump leads Biden, who would better handle the pandemic.

Trump’s tweet did show where he is sensitive and vulnerable on the pandemic. If Biden wants to trigger Trump, he only needs to hammer the line that Trump has failed and is leading the worst response of any country in the world. Trump can’t handle being seen as a loser, so accurately showing that he is a loser on the pandemic and protecting the country will set him off.

The claim that a vaccine is coming soon is more Trump hot air and false promises. Trump has claimed that a vaccine is coming right away. His healthcare plan is coming right away, and a middle-class tax cut is coming shortly. None of these things are coming soon. Trump is trying to sway voters with empty promises because he thinks that people are stupid and will believe anything that he says.

Joe Biden is spending Labor Day meeting with and taking questions from workers in Harrisburg, PA. Trump is tweeting imaginary polls and living in a fantasyland where he is getting high marks on the pandemic.

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