Trump Is So Broke That He Has To Do Rallies Because He Can’t Afford Ads


Trump is running around the country doing multiple rallies a day because he blew through his campaign cash and can’t afford ads.

In an AP story on how Trump managed to waste $1 billion, it is noted:

Now, just two weeks out from the election, some campaign aides privately acknowledge they are facing difficult spending decisions at a time when Democratic nominee Joe Biden has flooded the airwaves with advertising. That has put Trump in the position of needing to do more of his signature rallies as a substitute during the coronavirus pandemic while relying on an unproven theory that he can turn out supporters who are infrequent voters at historic levels.


“Advertising obviously isn’t everything. But we do think ads matter for a couple percentage points in a presidential race. And it’s just not a good sign for the Trump campaign,” Ridout said.

Rallies are an inefficient method to reach voters. The problem for Trump is that the voters who attend his rallies are already voting for him. Candidate rallies attract the most dedicated supporters. In 2016, Trump’s rallies were picked up and carried wall to wall by cable news, and also generated local and network news coverage.

In 2020, cable news, outside of Fox News, isn’t showing his rallies. Network news ignores the rallies, and local coverage is scant. Trump’s rallies have been knocked off the news cycle by the coronavirus pandemic, which has left the president without his primary tool to get billions of dollars in free media coverage.

Trump has no money, which is why he is darting around the country on the taxpayers’ dime trying mount a last-second dash to avoid what could be the worst defeat by a one-term president in modern US electoral history.

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