Trump Is One Step Closer To Prison After Losing Federal Appeal On His Tax Returns


A federal judge ruled against Donald Trump on Friday and refused to grant a stay that would delay the turnover of his tax returns to the Manhattan DA.

NBC News’s Geoff Bennett tweeted:

Trump is trying to delay the turnover of his tax returns to the Manhattan DA who is investigating him for bank fraud, but the courts are in no mood for his obstruction and delays. Trump’s claim that the investigation was harassment was dismissed on Thursday. Trump appealed, and he lost his appeal on Friday.

The President could be facing a criminal indictment, as there appears to be overwhelming evidence that the President and his children lied about the value of their assets on loan applications.

Trump is running out of options. The idea of a looming criminal indictment should make Trump even more desperate to hang on to power through any means necessary. Trump and his children are quickly running out of options. If the Supreme Court refuses to hear his ultimate appeal, the Manhattan DA will finally be able to get what he needs to criminally indict Donald Trump.

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