Trump Is Furious At Fox News After They Blocked Him From Declaring Victory


The Fox News projection of a Joe Biden win in Arizona has Trump fuming because he can no longer declare victory.

Jonathan Swan of Axios tweeted:

While other networks and outlets appear to be terrified to go out on a limb and make calls about races, Fox News has yet to get one wrong tonight.

Trump’s big plan was to declare victory on election night in a strategy that has been dubbed the red mirage. Trump wanted to fool America with the illusion of victory as he hoped to sue to have ballots thrown out in Pennsylvania.

The problem for Trump is that a Biden win in Arizona means that the Democrat can win the White House without winning Pennsylvania. Trump’s whole plan to cause chaos and steal the election by declaring victory early was wrecked by Fox News.

A president who has lived by Fox may be watching his presidency die by Fox.

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