Trump is celebrating the civil unrest plaguing America


The civil unrest plaguing America is all Trump’s handiwork and it appears he will not be satisfied until his goal of dominating the American people with deadly force reaches fruition.

Many Americans believe that Trump is dazed and confused over the devastation facing the nation, but they ignore the fact that sowing chaos and division, and encouraging violence against American citizens, is part and parcel of his grand scheme to install himself as dictator.

Some folks are deluded in thinking that Trump is in way over his head with no clue about how to calm Americans’ fears and bring the nation together. Nothing could be farther from the truth because Trump has no intent whatsoever to calm the people, allay their fears, or bring the nation together. The sooner the people comprehend that Trump and his filthy supporters are celebrating the state of the fractured nation, the sooner they will wake up and take action to stop the madness and preserve our democracy.

America’s lurch toward an Aryan dictatorship supervised by theocrats is proceeding on schedule for Trump, and any idea that the state of the nation is due to an incompetent administration is ridiculously insane. Nothing plaguing this nation is due to incompetence because Trump’s malignant narcissism drives everything he does, or does not, do..

Although Trump did not create COVID-19, he is solely responsible for its deadly spread throughout America, unemployment numbers rivaling the Great Depression, and a population living in abject fear and despair. The dire state of the nation, the economy, and general welfare of the American people is all Trump’s handiwork; with valuable support from Republicans in Congress and the states.

Trump did not directly order his racist supporters, including police officers, to kill African Americans on camera simply because they are African Americans. He did, however, direct law enforcement officials to “get rough” with citizens they perceive as suspects; just like he incites violence against the free press. In fact, Trump has spent three-and-a-half years setting the stage for attacks on journalists as well as the racial conflict leading to the current nationwide protests. Decent, anti-fascist and anti-racist Americans are weary of seeing their fellow citizens killed, or attacked, simply because they are not white, are not Republican, and are not worshipping Trump.

Trump could have called for calm and a robust federal investigation into the cold-blooded murder of an innocent African American man out for a jog as a hate crime. Instead, he announced that he trusted law enforcement’s refusal to investigate what resembled a lynching, albeit with firearms. In fact, when he said he trusted law enforcement’s lack of action after Ahmad Arbery was ambushed, chased down, and murdered on video by two white men, he implied that the video of the killing was incomplete; as if there was unseen evidence that the two white men were justified in chasing down and murdering a young Black man for jogging.

Many Americans were justifiably outraged that Trump’s comments came after it was revealed the local law enforcement officials had ignored the killing as a crime and after the victim’s family sought redress from outside the county. Trump saw nothing wrong that a young American man was gunned down on the street for running while Black; likely because one of the shooters was affiliated with local law enforcement and Trump loves “domineering” and “rough” law enforcement.

That “who cares” attitude from Trump set the stage for the outrage that yet another unarmed and handcuffed African American man was murdered on camera by a police officer while his cohorts not only looked on, they prevented bystanders from administering aid to save the man’s life. It is alleged that Trump said the video of a police officer murdering an unarmed African American man was “disturbing,” but there was no immediate condemnation or demand for the offending officers’ immediate arrest.

However, Trump was quick to condemn peaceful demonstrations and demand immediate military and police action against American citizens protesting another senseless killing of an African American man. It is noteworthy that when heavily-armed white men stormed Michigan’s capital and shut down the state legislature, Trump praised them as warriors and criticized the legally-elected Governor for not “negotiating” with Trump’s terrorist thugs and acquiescing to their demands.

The level of unrest in the country, coupled with the dire economic situation most Americans find themselves due to Trumps’ malignant narcissism, is a scenario that puts Trump in a position he and his MAGA sycophants are literally celebrating. They lust for a racially-driven civil war that Trump supports according to his crusade to segregate Americans and “forcefully dominate” any American unwilling to accept Trump as dictator.

It is no coincidence there are numerous reports of white supremacists involved in, or starting, the destruction and looting peaceful protestors are being singled out for. It is also no coincidence that Trump’s attorney general immediately targeted “the far left” for the violence and damage as a result of protests. In fact, this sad time is the perfect opportunity for Trump, his heavily-armed white fascists, and his MAGA army to target people of color, the media, and decent human beings Trump labels as thugs. Trump would love nothing more than for the civil unrest to escalate into a shooting war as a reason to become a real, honest-to-dog dictator.

Trump’s threat to call out the military to combat American citizens should not be taken lightly. It gives him the opening he craves to declare martial law and be the tyrannical authoritarian he and his supporters desperately want him to be.

Trump’s call for “aggressive law enforcement” has not went unheeded by police according to video evidence all over the Internet. Although it is not true of every police force, there is an alarming trend of aggression towards the free press and peaceful protests that beggars belief in a free democratic society.  Police were even caught on video firing non-lethal weapons at women because they were sitting on their own front porch instead of cowering in fear inside their own home.

Every horrific thing happening in America today is the result of a malignant narcissist in the White House. Like COVID-19, Trump did not create the filthy racism plaguing America, but he has created an atmosphere that elevates his supporters’ racial animus toward all non-white people a valid political movement. Trump desperately wants to be a “wartime” leader, but his attention is waging war on American citizens whether they are protesting extra-judicial killings by racist police officers or are journalists targeted by police for doing their jobs. It is important to remember that Trump has spent the past four years railing against the free press as an enemy of the people. The police abuse against journalists is simply part of Trump’s war on Americans; including those who oppose a filthy fascist occupying a building he has no right visiting.

Trump is responsible for everything bad tearing the country apart and it is crucial to note that without the unwavering support of Republicans at all levels of government, the country would not be suffering the chaos, instability, and death Trump has wrought on the nation. At this point there is little hope for America to recover from Trump and it is unlikely that Republicans will stop supporting a vile fascist and his war against a desperate and weary population.

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