Trump Humiliates Himself With Big Announcement That He Is Selling Trading Cards


The ‘big announcement” that Donald Trump hyped was that he has a new grift selling $99 trading cards to his followers.

Here is the big announcement:

Trump has run the big announcement con for decades. Trump has been doing this sort of stuff since the 1980s, and his big announcements are never big and always about a new way for America’s top grifter to make a buck.

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Donald Trump has announced that he is running for president for the third time, but he has no campaign staff, has done zero campaign events, and doesn’t have anything resembling a platform.

The failed former president may think his brand is so strong with Republican primary voters that he doesn’t need any of those things. He could believe that as long as his name is on the ballot, Republicans would show up and vote for him.

Trump could be right. Maybe he only has to show up to win?

The so-called big announcement reaffirms that for Trump, politics isn’t about public service. It is about using elective office and the power that comes with it to make money.

Trump is all about the con, and a criminal indictment can’t come fast enough.



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