Trump Granted A Stay Until September 25 On Turning Over His Tax Returns To DA


An appeals court has granted Trump a stay until September 25, when a hearing will be held on turning over his tax returns.

Read the stay:

Trump’s game whether it be election security briefings to Congress or keeping his tax returns away from the Manhattan DA that is investigating his family for bank fraud is to stall for time. Trump is hoping that he can win a second term in office, and all of his problems will go away.

However, with Trump trailing Joe Biden and possibly losing ground after his own convention, a likely scenario is developing where Trump loses the election and then without the presidency to hide behind faces criminal prosecution for fraud.

The appeals court ruling has bought Trump a little time, but the clock is still ticking, and the President is expected to lose his appeal, which means that the only thing standing in the way of Trump being criminally prosecuted is the Supreme Court.

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