Trump Goes To Kenosha To Scare Suburban Women With Rape Threats


In Kenosha, Trump suggested that protesters, meaning African-Americans would rape suburban women without “law and order.”

Trump said:

I think people are calling for structural change, and then you can take the people of Kenosha that aren’t here and that you won’t see and they aren’t protesting, but they want change also. They want to see law and order. That is the change they want. They want law and order. They want the police to do what they do better than anyone else.

You don’t see them marching, but they want a great police force, they want people that are going to keep them safe where their houses aren’t broken into, where they are not raped and murdered. That is what they want. And they are protestors too, but they don’t walk up and down the street. So that is just the way it is. Just the way it is.


Trump is losing the election. He is hemorrhaging support, and his answer is to go to Kenosha, Wisconsin, not to mention or condemn the James Blake shooting, but to inspire more violence and try to scare women in the suburbs with a threat that if they don’t vote for him, they could be raped.

Trump, himself, has been accused of rape, while Joe Biden authored the Violence Against Women Act.

Donald Trump thinks that he can scare women with some of the vilest racist tropes in American history. Voters really want to be able to go to work, send their kids to school, and not have to worry about the coronavirus.

The Trump that showed up in Kenosha is the same guy who spewed this sort of racism for decades in New York, and voters should reject him and his fear campaign in November.

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