Trump Falls Apart When Asked About Virus Testing Double Standard


Trump fell apart when asked during his latest attempt at a coronavirus briefing about ease of access that the White House has to tests.

Q: Mr. President, there does seem to be a double standard here, Mr. President, where members of your own staff can get tested frequently when they need it, but ordinary Americans cannot, when will the rest of America have the same access that your own members of the White House have to testing?

Trump: You know what? If we didn’t get the tests, if we did no tests in the White House you’d be complaining, why aren’t you getting tests for the White House? See we can’t win, because if we didn’t get the tests, you’d be up. I understand you very well. Better than you understand yourself. and frankly, if we didn’t get the test done, you would be complaining that we didn’t get the tests done. Now that we’re doing so well on tests and so and quick and so fast, five minutes et cetera and so accurate, you’re complaining we’re getting too many tests, so you can’t win.


Trump has no answers, so he attacks the media for asking the question.
There is a double standard. There is a double standard in the White House where everyone is required to wear a mask except for Trump and Pence.
The American people are being denied virus testing without symptoms, but the White House follows the recommendation of health experts and tests daily.

Trump doesn’t get it. He can’t spin his response to the pandemic. The American people can’t get tested and they know it, and Trump’s White House stage show can’t change the coronavirus reality.

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