Trump Embarrasses Himself By Attacking Biden For Leaving Pennsylvania When He Was 10


At an event in Virginia, Donald Trump attacked Joe Biden for moving out of Pennsylvania with his family when he was ten.

Trump said, “He wants to end fracking. He wants to end petroleum products, end petroleum, no natural gas, no nothing, end everything, and I said how does that work in Texas? How does that work in Pennsylvania? I was in Pennsylvania yesterday. A place that he said he was born in, which is true, but he left when he was like nine years old, so he left a long time ago. He left seven decades ago, and he still calls it his home.”

Trump then tried to claim that Biden never leaves his home, when America just spent four nights watching Joe Biden leave his home.


Trump’s attack was silly, and also proof that he has nothing. Biden isn’t trying to end petroleum and natural gas. The President is terrified of the fact that Biden resonates well with white working-class voters in Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden has maintained his Pennsylvania connections for decades. He understands Pennsylvania in a way that Trump has no interest in.

Trump is losing Pennsylvania, and this dopey attack on Biden for leaving the state with his family when he was a child is not going to help him win the Keystone State.

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