Trump Directs His Own Staff To Wear Masks All The Time


Trump has directed his own West Wing staff to wear masks all of the time unless they are alone at their own desks.

Via The Wall Street Journal:

The White House directed officials to wear masks at all times inside the building except when sitting at their own desks, administration officials said Monday, after two officials in the West Wing tested positive for coronavirus last week.


The memo also directs officials to restrict in-person visits to the White House unless they are necessary, one of the officials said.
Trump has been enraged at his own staff for not doing enough to protect him from the virus. There is nothing in the memo that makes it clear that Trump and Pence will start wearing masks, but it is a safe bet that they will not.

The President is rushing to reopen the economy, but it is not even safe to work at the White House. People who work in the West Wing should have been wearing masks from day one. As usual, the Trump administration is a day late and a dollar short on combatting the virus.

Everyone in the West Wing has to wear a mask, but the White House still isn’t virus free. The White House has daily virus testing and they can’t keep it safe. It will be impossible for America’s workplaces to stop the spread of the virus with even fewer resources.

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