Trump Declares Himself A Tough Guy Because He Walked In The Michigan Rain


Trump expected to be praised because he walked to the stage in the rain instead of taking a car at his Michigan rally.


Trump said, “I feel so guilty. You’re waiting out here in the rain. They gave me a hat. I said, you know, they’ve been waiting out here for hours. I shouldn’t put on a hat, right? They even said, sir, we have the car. It’s going to take you from the beautiful Air Force One, isn’t that a beauty? But I said I gotta walk it. These people are tough. They’re from Lansing.”

Donald Trump has now set the bar so low for himself that he thinks he’s a tough guy if he walks in the rain without an umbrella or a hat. Trump has surrendered on the coronavirus pandemic because he is tough enough to walk in Michigan’s fall showers.

Given Trump’s track record of struggling to walk down ramps and drink water, it was a minor miracle that someone as unfit was able to overcome the challenge of rain to walk the whole way to a stage.

In just one week, it possible that America will put an end to a president who has demanded so much praise for doing so very little.

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