Trump Claims That Coronavirus Will Disappear, But He Doesn’t Know When


Trump told reporters at a Nurses Day event that he knows that the coronavirus is going to disappear. He just doesn’t know when it will happen.

Trump reversed himself on ending the White House Coronavirus Task Force:

Jeff Mason of Reuters added that Trump is sticking to his claim that virus will vanish:

Everyone knows when the virus will disappear. As soon there is a widely available vaccine, the virus will disappear. The coronavirus is not going to magically vanish on its own. It’s not going to happen.

One of the realities that the rest of America has had to confront is that reopening the economy is not going to happen in the way that Trump and the Republicans were hoping for. Things aren’t going to snap back to normal. Coronavirus cases are increasing nationally as states ease restrictions and reopen.

As America desperately needs a reality-based president to lead, Donald Trump is sitting in the corner engaging in magical thinking.

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