Trump Claims ‘America Needs A Superhero,’ Promises ‘Major Announcement’ On Thursday


Former President Donald Trump shared on Wednesday that he would be making a “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT” on Thursday.

Trump teased the announcement on his Truth Social platform. Although he didn’t explicitly say what it would be about, he did say that “AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO!”

However, it seems unlikely that Trump will be joining either the Marvel or DC cinematic universes, so it’s probably about something else.

You can see the teaser video Trump posted on Truth Social, courtesy of @patriottakes, who shared it on Twitter.

The video features an idealized illustration of the former president ripping open his suit and exposing a red, skintight costume with a “T” emblazoned on his chest.

Did we mention his eyes are glowing?

There was rampant social media speculation as to what, exactly, Trump would announce ― and, of course, much mockery of him.

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