Trump Campaign Slams “Largely Unemployed” George Conway and Lincoln Project “Scam Artists”


The Trump campaign has lashed out at the conservative Lincoln Project following their viral “Mourning in America” ad. The President’s team singled out the group’s members by name.

Donald Trump’s campaign circulated an email with the subject “The Lincoln Project Losers are Scam Artists.”

“The Lincoln Project’s scam artists are as trashy as political grifters can get,” the campaign said.

The email then took aim at individual members of the group, most prominently former Republicans Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and George Conway.

Watch the video:

“When Rick Wilson is not tweeting references to the male anatomy or bodily fluids, he’s calling hardworking Americans stupid and openly wishing for the First Lady to ‘be infected’ with coronavirus,” the campaign said.

“Steve Schmidt makes Nicolle Wallace look smart,” the email went on.

“He declared Russian collusion would ‘be the greatest scandal in the history of the U.S. There will be astounding levels of information about the depth of the conspiracy.’”

“Then the Mueller Report fizzled, and he was left to manufacture new fake controversies easily debunked by anybody with half a brain.”

But the Trump campaign reserved particular venom for Conway. He’s married to Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway and has taken joy in irritating Trump.

“You’d think George Conway would get off the couch more often, given that he’s largely unemployed and his membership in Washington’s elite will expire the second President Trump leaves office,” the campaign said.

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