Trump Campaign Compares Itself To The Death Star (Which Gets Blown Up In The End)


Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale compared their operation to the Death Star in Star Wars, which ended up being destroyed at the end of the movie.

Parscale tweeted:

I don’t think the Trump campaign has ever seen the ending of Star Wars (Episode IV), because that movie doesn’t end the way that they think it does.

Campaigns that publicly brag about the strength of the operation usually lose. Really strong campaigns don’t have to convince the public and the press of their power. They spend their energy convincing voters, not themselves.

The country is in the middle of a pandemic and an economic collapse, and the Trump campaign is comparing itself to a fictional weapon of mass destruction that was destroyed because it had a fatal flaw.

The Trump campaign’s fatal flaw is Donald Trump, and in November, Republicans will feel the force of a ballot box rebellion.

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