Trump Bails On Florida And Cancels $5.5 Million In Ads


In a highly risky move, Trump has canceled millions of dollars worth of ads in Florida to concentrate on Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Minnesota.

Bloomberg reported:

Trump is now placing his final bet on just four battleground states: Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Polls show he’s down in all those states but Ohio, where it’s effectively even.

The president still has $350,275 budgeted to spend on ads in Florida through Election Day but has canceled $5.5 million in the final two weeks of the campaign, according to data compiled from ad-tracking firm Advertising Analytics.


The Biden campaign has added $41 million to its ad budget in the home stretch, pouring more money into every battleground state except Texas. Through Election Day, the campaign has budgeted $8.3 million in Florida, $7.1 million in Pennsylvania, $5.3 million in Michigan, and $4.9 million in North Carolina.

The Trump campaign is counting on their ground game in Florida, but with over 6.4 million votes already cast in the state, it is fair to ask how many votes there will be left for a ground game to turn out on election day.

Democrats have mass organized all over the country to support early and mail-in voting. The Democrats know that the early vote could make all of the difference in the election. Polling has shown Trump to be losing to Joe Biden by double-digits in Minnesota, so the campaign’s push there is a desperate shot in the dark that appears to be based on the 2016 contest’s closeness than any chance that Trump has of winning in 2020.

Trump is bailing on Florida, and his decision could swing the state to Joe Biden.

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