Trevor Noah Grills Trump’s ‘Go-To’ Excuse For Everything


Trevor Noah was baffled on Wednesday by President Donald Trump’s reasons for his administration’s lagging response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Daily Show” host showed footage from Trump’s interview with ABC News anchor David Muir on Tuesday, noting that it was a rare change of pace from his usual favorite interviewers at Fox News. 

“And immediately, they asked him about why his administration had such a slow response,” Noah said.

Trump’s answer? Blame former President Barack Obama’s administration, saying it “left us nothing” in the national stockpile of medical and safety equipment. When Muir pressed him to explain why he didn’t restock those supplies in the three years he’s been in office, Trump said: “To be honest, I have a lot of things going on.” He then complained about everything from the Russia investigation to his own impeachment.

“Yeah, according to Trump, he spent three years not preparing for a pandemic because he was distracted by all the scandals he created,” Noah said.

“And how’s Trump gonna blame Obama for not having tests for a disease that didn’t even happen yet?” Noah added. “It feels like any time Trump needs an excuse, his go-to is Obama. He’s probably been doing this since he was a kid.”

See Noah’s enactment of how that would go down “The Daily Show” below.

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