Tracy Morgan Guesses Whether Guys Are Holding A Football Or A Baby


As TV talk shows continue from home amid the coronavirus pandemic, hosts are scrapping for new ways to entertain.

Nowhere was that more evident than on “The Late Late Show” on Thursday. James Corden had comedian Tracy Morgan guess whether a half-dozen staffers were holding a baby or a football.

Kudos to whoever dreamed up this one, but Morgan was game.

“The Last O.G.” star began the challenge on a racy note, asking the six men: “How many of you all don’t pull out?”

Corden seemed playfully piqued.

“You wanted it, James,” Morgan shot back. “Now you got it!”

Morgan briefly spoke with the guys ― three of whom are new dads ― to ferret out clues. Then it came down to guessing which three had babies. The others held footballs swaddled like infants.

Watch the fun above to see if Morgan dropped the ball or emerged victorious.

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