TLC’s ‘sMothered’ recap: Tackiest graduation gift ever?


TLC’s “sMothered,” co-produced by The Post, follows several pairs of mothers and daughters with outlandishly tight-knit relationships.

The mix includes Marcia, who wakes up her daughter Alena by licking her face; Cher and Dawn, who dress like twins; and Mary and Brittani, who don’t think it’s weird to insert nozzles up each other’s rear ends.

Here’s our recap of Season 2’s fourth episode, “My Gift to You.” Spoilers ahead!

Cher and Dawn

At last, baby Belle is born! New Yorker Cher, 29, and her mom Dawn, 59, have spent the past few episodes clashing with Cher’s husband Jared over whether Cher should get an epidural — as she and Jared originally decided. Dawn tried to talk her into a natural birth so that Cher can continue being just like her mom in every way. But, in the end, she chooses an epidural and the birth goes smoothly.

However, Jared does get Dawn kicked out of the hospital room for part of the process. Later, once they bring the baby home, Jared also tells Cher to get rid of her hovering parents. Cher tells the camera that she understands Jared’s desire for their family of three to bond, but she also finds Dawn helpful. “I feel caught in the middle,” she admits. You don’t say?

Marcia and Alena

This week, Marcia, 68, tries to get Alena, 21, to be more independent. Even though Alena is now an adult, Marcia still lays out her clothes in the mornings and drives her to college every day. Alena doesn’t even have a license — so this episode, Marcia takes her to drive go-karts in an effort to get her interested.

It doesn’t work because, as Alena says, “My fear is that once I start driving on my own, it’s something that I won’t do with my mom anymore. It’s a scary part of life; we’re not going to be spending as much time together.”

Looks like codependency won’t be conquered today.

Laurie and Sarah

Florida pair Laurie, 59, and Sarah, 25, have dinner with Sarah’s live-in boyfriend, Miguel. Since Laurie struggles with various health issues including diabetes and kidney disease, she’s worried that she won’t make it to their wedding if they don’t tie the knot soon. Currently, there are no wedding bells on their horizon.

And Miguel isn’t moved when Laurie pressures him to propose to Sarah. He waves off their concerns by saying that his potential marriage to Sarah will “happen when it happens.”

“How will it be for me if you finally decide you want to get married and your family is there and I have no one?” asks Sarah. Yikes.

Mary and Brittani

This week, Mary, 55, and Brittani, 19, have a party to celebrate Brittani’s graduation from school to become a corrections officer. Brittani is anxious because her crush doesn’t show up, and the text she sent him didn’t go through. Mary takes charge, gets the guy’s number and discovers that he must have blocked Brittani. Instead of keeping this quiet to preserve Brittani’s feelings, she announces it to her in the middle of the party.

“I don’t want to think about a guy that hurt me when I’m trying to have a good time,” Brittani says when Mary won’t let it go and threatens to “rip his head off.”

If that made you cringe, just wait — there’s more. As the party continues, Mary announces to everyone that her gift to Brittani is a tummy tuck, “because she has a lot of loose skin around her tummy,” she says.

Brittani’s friends tell the camera that they would be “embarrassed” if their moms did this. Mary’s sort-of husband Frank gets annoyed that she didn’t consult him about the gift since it’s expensive. He also says it’s not an “appropriate” gift to give a daughter, “but Mary is a different kind of mom.”

“sMothered” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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